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After a Sexual Assault

Brown students can get help by calling one of these sexual assault response resources:

  • Sexual Assault Response Line, 401-863-6000

    A 24-hour, confidential telephone line for crisis response in an incident of sexual or interpersonal violence. You will reach a licensed mental health counselor with confidential privilege similar to other health providers (medical doctors, nurses, etc.). The counselor will ask some questions to gauge your emotional and physical safety, and help guide you through your options for seeking emotional support, healthcare, reporting and/or legal aid.
  • BWell SHARE Advocates, 401-863-2794,
    Ground Level of Health & Wellness Center 450 Brook St

    The SHARE (Sexual Harm Acute Response & Empowerment) Advocates in BWell Health Promotion are confidential resources at Brown that can provide support to any student from any part of the University (undergraduate, graduate, and medical students) affected by issues or experiences related to: Sexual Assault, Sexual and/or Gender-based Harassment, Domestic/Dating Violence, Relational Abuse, or Stalking, that has taken place at any time in their lives.  Confidential services include acute responses or ongoing empowerment-based support for a survivor or the friends of a survivor, including help filing a complaint (if that is the student's choice) and/or navigating resources at Brown and in the community.
    *This is a survivor-centered resource for people who have experienced sexual harm.

Consider Getting Medical Care

You can receive confidential medical care at Health Services and at local hospitals without having to file a report. You can decide what medical care you want or don't want. Visit the BWell website for more information about medical options, including time sensitive considerations.

Get Information

  • Having information will allow you to make informed decisions about your needs, your wellbeing, and what you do or don't want to do next.

Visit the BWell Health Promotion website for extensive information on sexual assault response services, including the medical exam, emergency contraception and on-campus and off-campus resources and support.