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Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)

Due to an unexpected delay, the waiver will be available on the Gallagher Student website on June 30th. Please submit the waiver at  All students will have access to log into the Gallagher website at the same time. After we receive the waiver, we will adjust your account and remove the charge.

The Student Health Insurance Office is located in the Health and Wellness Center at 450 Brook St. Brown University is proud to offer our students who do not have coverage through a comparable health insurance plan, coverage through United Healthcare Student Resources. The SHIP includes a national provider network that gives students access to in network providers throughout the country and In-Network Preventive care services with no deductibles, copays or coinsurance. The cost of the SHIP plan for the 22-23 academic year is $4255. The cost of the insurance will appear on your student account in Banner. Any billing questions can be directed to

Traveling Abroad? 

Through SHIP, students may qualify for Medical Evacuation, Repatriation & Travel Assistance Services. Any treatment received while abroad will be billed according to the out-of-network benefit.

Contact Us

Reach Pamela Watkins, Student Insurance Specialist, with any inquiries by phone at 401-863-1703 or email at

Brown University Health & Wellness
Attn: Student Insurance
Box 1928
Providence, RI 02912

Fee Structure

The annual cost of the Student Health Insurance Plan is $4255.00  and is effective from 08/15/2022 – 08/14/2023.
Please refer to the following enrollment periods:

  • Annual: 08/15/2022 – 08/14/2023
  • Spring: 01/01/2023 – 08/14/2023

The Student Health Insurance Waiver deadline is 7/29/2022 for the annual insurance coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please allow a full 30 days for all claims to process before inquiring about a bill. If you have received a bill or an Explanation of Benefits and have questions regarding your out of pocket costs, please email us at Please include a copy of your billing statement, summary of benefits and any relevant details.

An Explanation of Benefits (EOB) is a statement that comes from your health insurance provider that describes the costs your plan will cover for medical care or products. It is generated when your provider submits a claim for services.

To request a new insurance card please log in to your account at and follow the 'Get an ID Card' link.

Please visit the website to submit your insurance waiver. 

As part of the health insurance policy offered through Brown, students who wish to waive enrollment in our Student Health Insurance Plan must show proof that they are actively enrolled in a health insurance plan that provides comprehensive “comparable” coverage while they’re at school. 

Comparable Coverage

Comparable coverage is defined as if your plan covers you for non-emergent/urgent and routine care (routine physicals) without coverage limitations while you are on or near your school’s campus. It includes the following stipulations:

  • Preventative services  
  • Your plan does not have any limitations or exclusions on pre-existing conditions.  
  • Your plan covers hospital stays for medical and surgical care and for mental health conditions. 
  • Your plan covers doctor office visits for medical and mental health conditions.  
  • Your plan covers prescriptions written by a doctor. (If you are covered for prescription benefits through a third party vendor – Merck Medco, Medco, CVS Caremark, Express Scripts, etc., that is acceptable.)
  • Your plan does not place dollar maximums on medical benefits.  
  • Your plan provides coverage for diagnostic services, including laboratory tests and x-rays. 

It is also important that the plan declared provides access to comparable coverage while you are on campus. Students enrolled in an HMO, or a plan purchased through their ‘home’ state’s Exchange may have excellent coverage while they are at home, but may only be covered for emergency/urgent care when they are outside of their plan’s service area. Students enrolled in an out-of-state or out-of- county Medicaid plan will only have coverage within that state or county and will not have coverage outside of those areas except for emergency/urgent care. Only having coverage for emergencies and urgent care may result in a significant financial burden if the condition requires continued follow-up visits and diagnostic services.

Students who are enrolled in an HMO or Medicaid plan outside of the plan’s service area, will be denied.

Exception: RI, MA, and CT HMO and Medicaid plans.

Qualifying life events such as a loss of coverage, marriage, or birth of a child can be submitted via the Gallagher student website at

If you have received a denial of your SHIP waiver, or are a recipient of financial aid and you are in need of assistance with your insurance costs, please email us at: Please title your email SHIP Assistance and include your Banner ID and any relevant information such as your waiver denial letter from Gallagher.

December graduates are covered by SHIP  through August of the following year of enrollment.  Please refer to the plan year details to confirm the last day of coverage. If you are a December graduate and you wish to terminate your coverage early and request a refund of a portion of your insurance costs, please email to request a refund. Please state December Graduate in the subject line and include your Banner ID and graduation date in the body.

Students who are enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan at the time of graduation may be eligible for an extension of the insurance plan for up to three months. Please access additional information through the Brown University Continuation Plan.


Students that take a leave of absence while covered by SHIP will remain on the plan through the remainder of the coverage period.  For questions regarding the extension of your insurance plan beyond the coverage period, please visit the Gallagher website at and click "Leave of Absence Enroll Form."


Students are encouraged to visit Health & Wellness for all sick/ wellness visits before seeking care in the community. Please visit the Health and Wellness page to learn more about our hours and services.