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For most other lab tests, specimens can be obtained at Health Services and sent for processing to an independent diagnostic lab, Lifespan Laboratories at Miriam Hospital.

Standard lab hours are available on our Hours page and changes are posted to our homepage.

Getting Laboratory Work Done at Brown Health Services

Brown Health Services hosts a full service laboratory suite on-site. This laboratory is managed by Lifespan, a Rhode Island healthcare organization. Many, however not all, insurance plans list Lifespan as an in-network provider. It is critical that each student clarify whether or not Lifespan Laboratories are covered under their individual insurance plans to avoid unnecessary billing and unexpected expenses.

  • Students that have their insurance plan through Brown University SHIP (Student Health Insurance Program) are covered and do not need to check any further.
  • All other students need to call the customer service phone number associated with their personal insurance plan and ask whether or not Lifespan Laboratory is a covered entity. The address to share with the customer service department for Lifespan Labs should be "146 West River Street, Providence, RI 02904."

In the event that your insurance program does not cover the Lifespan Labs, please ask them to provide you with the name and address of alternative “in-network” labs in Providence, RI (or you may share the zip code 02912 or 02903).

Please be sure to share the name of your “covered lab” with your healthcare providers (whether they be at Health Services, or with a community-based specialist). You will be responsible for any extra charges and fees associated with obtaining lab work in a non-covered entity.

Can I have lab work done if it was not ordered by a provider at Health Services?

Yes, come to Health Services and go directly to the lab on the ground floor. Your results will be sent to the ordering provider. You can inform the lab technician if you would like a copy of the results sent to Health Services.

Lab Test Billing

Lab tests not covered by the Health Services Fee are sent to Lifespan Laboratory at Miriam Hospital. You may choose to be billed for these tests directly or to have the bill submitted to your insurance company according to the terms of your policy. 

If you have questions regarding a lab bill, you can contact Lifespan Laboratories billing department at 401-444-6966.

Students with Brown Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)

If you are having your lab work done on site at Health Services, most tests will be covered through SHIP. Please review your policy or email with questions.

If you do receive a bill from Lifespan and have questions, please email or call 401-863-1703.

If you are having your lab work done at a laboratory other than Lifespan, you may be responsible for deductible charges. To avoid a charge, we suggest using a Lifespan affiliated laboratory.

Students with Other Insurance

For students who have waived SHIP and have other insurance, we suggest that you check with your insurance company prior to testing regarding coverage. Lifespan Laboratories accepts many insurances. Please speak with your medical provider or the lab technician about your individual insurance.

If your insurance does not allow you to use Lifespan Laboratories, we can help you find another laboratory in the community.