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The Health Fee, also known as the Health and Wellness fee, is a mandatory fee paid per semester by all actively enrolled degree-seeking students.

This fee covers all services provided in person and through telehealth by the medical providers at Health Services, therapists and psychiatrists at Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), and by the staff at BWell Health Promotion. There are also benefits such as 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-week nursing advice, on-call physicians, and CAPS after-hours services.

Don't hesitate to call - most services are covered by the Health Services fee that you've already paid, regardless of your insurance.

Health Services Fee

The health fee assures access to primary care on campus for all students, so they can be seen on the day they choose without co-pays, deductibles, etc. Health Services does not bill any health insurance companies for any office visits to our provider staff. Health Services offers same-day appointments with medical providers 7 days a week, including evenings and weekends during the academic year.

The health fee benefits all students. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • The primary care of staff physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and nursing
  • Onsite waived laboratory testing
  • An active Health Promotion department focusing on education, prevention, and counseling of health, drug, alcohol, sexual assault, and nutrition services.
  • An onsite RI state-licensed Emergency Medical Services and ambulance which provides rapid response to on-campus emergencies
  • Visits to Counseling and Psychological Services, including crisis visits
  • Assured compliance with all legal health requirements such as immunizations
  • Student outreach programs such as free flu shots and other activities to keep the campus safe and to respond to community health issues as they arise
  • 24/7 nursing advice and on-call physician services
  • For convenience, there are onsite contracted laboratory services and a full pharmacy (separate charges apply for these services and are billed to the student health insurance).

The availability of an on-campus Health and Wellness assures confidentiality for all students, provides easy, convenient access to health care, and allows for minimal disruption to student academic activities. 

Health Services Fee Schedule

Term Cost
Academic Year 2023-2024, per Semester $545
Academic Year 2023-2023, online, low-residency, and study away per semester $105
Academic Year 2022-2023, per Semester $518

What is Not Covered?

The Health Services Fee does not cover charges for lab tests sent to diagnostic laboratories such as Lifespan, pharmacy charges, x-ray imaging, transport by any ambulance other than Brown, durable medical equipment (such as canes, crutches, or braces), or any visits to providers outside of Health Services (including consultants, hospitals and surgical centers).

    Fee Waiver

    Waivers of the Health Services fee are available to students who meet one of the following requirements:

    • Non-degree candidates other than guest students from other institutions;
    • University regular employees; special students; faculty; and faculty/staff spouses with tuition benefits.

    Students studying remotely are not eligible for a waiver of the Health Services fee.

    Waiver Requests

    All must be requested in writing by October 15th for first semester and February 15th for the second. Waived students who access services will be charged the full semester fee. Submit requests to:

    Health Insurance

    In addition to the mandatory health fee, all students are required to have health insurance, either through a plan offered by the university or through a comparable health insurance plan. The health insurance can be waived if a student has comparable coverage through parental, personal, or spousal health insurance. The insurance is designed to cover services not covered by the health fee, such as offsite labs, pharmacy, consultant visits, and hospitalizations, etc.

    All students at Brown are charged for the Brown Sponsored Student Insurance Plan (SHIP). This may be waived if you are covered by a comparable plan. Any questions may be directed to

    Insurance Card

    Be prepared when you come to Brown and know who your health insurance company is. Bring your insurance card, or a copy, each time you come for health care and keep Health Services up to date with any changes in your coverage.

    Prescription Plan Card

    Some students may also have an insurance prescription plan. Generally, this is a separate card from your insurance and you will want to bring the card or a copy of the front and the back of the card. Present the information to the pharmacy prior to having your prescription filled.

    Students Completing Their Degree

    If you are completing your degree, congratulations! Regarding your eligibility and continuity of health care, after graduation:

    • You will no longer be eligible for services at Health Services or CAPS; however, we can help coordinate your follow-up care.
    • You may use pharmacy and lab for existing orders during the summer.
    • To transfer a prescription, please have your pharmacy call us at 401-863-7882.
    • If you are covered by the Student Health Insurance Plan, your coverage is in effect through August 14, 2024.