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Dear Parent or Guardian:

Congratulations on the admission of your student to Brown University. We hope and expect that they will continue to learn and grow in their personal health, independence, maturity, and wisdom. All of us in Health and Wellness are thoroughly committed and proud to support this goal.

Our staff wants every student to feel that they are able to access care without fear of judgment, embarrassment or disclosure of personal concerns. College is a time of transition when students learn to function more independently, including accessing and using health care. Students who are 18 or over, and students younger than 18 but attending Brown, are considered adults, therefore their medical records are confidential. We understand that this can be a major shift for families as students begin college, so we encourage families to discuss how they will keep an open dialogue about their student's health.

Our providers proactively encourage students to sign a release for open communication with their parent(s) or guardian(s) in accordance with the student's wishes. As such, it is our policy not to permit "blanket" or "universal" authorizations for release of confidential health information for any student. This is the standard of practice across our peer institutions.

In the event of an emergency circumstance when your student is incapacitated, unable to communicate or make a competent decision, an official from either the university or the hospital setting would be in direct communication with you as an emergency contact. This is the standard of practice in any health care emergency setting.

The Health and Wellness staff is committed to supporting students in making healthy and safe decisions while learning independent skills. Thank you for understanding that we all want your student to have the very best of health while studying at Brown.

If you have questions regarding the privacy and confidentiality practices and policies of Brown University, please refer to the Health Services website located on or the Brown University FERPA Policy.

The Brown Health Services Operations Team

Vanessa Britto, MD, MSc
Assistant Vice President for Campus Life & Executive Director of Health & Wellness

Christine Benvie, BSN, RN
Director of Nursing

Kristie Sullivan, MHA, RN
Associate Director of Health and Wellness

Adam Pallant, MD, PhD
Clinical Director

Christine Farland
Assistant Director of Operations and Administration

Tanya Sullivan, DNP, APRN, CNP
Assistant Clinical Director