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Brown Health & Wellness aims to support our students by offering reproductive healthcare services including comprehensive contraceptive access and sexual health education. We understand that sexual health and reproductive decisions are a highly personal matter, and we seek to provide our students with comprehensive and individualized care, resources, and education to support their reproductive plans and decisions. Health and Wellness staff provide care that is confidential, nonjudgmental, gender affirming, culturally competent and trauma informed.  

Our Health Services Providers provide inclusive options counseling regarding pregnancy and provide students with resources and referrals within the Providence and Greater Rhode Island community for medical and procedural termination services as well as prenatal care. Students may call Health Services at 401-863-3953 to schedule an appointment with a provider. 

BWell provides accessible education and information through our website, publications, texting service, and peer education programs as well as safer sex supplies, and individual sexual health education appointments. To schedule a health promotion appointment you can use the BWell appointment form.


Accessible through Health Services

Emergency ContraceptionA safe and effective way to prevent pregnancy up to 5 days after unprotected sex (penis: vagina penetrative sex without a barrier method or other contraceptive method).

  • Ulipristal (Ella): Requires prescription. 
  • Levonorgestrel (Plan B): Sold by pharmacists over the counter, no prescription needed. 
  • Copper Intrauterine Device (IUD): requires appointment and insertion procedure (see below)

Accessing emergency contraception: Health Services is available to answer any questions and help ensure timely access to emergency contraception by calling 401-863-3953. HealthiestYou telehealth services does not provide emergency contraception services.

Short Acting Contraceptive Methods: Safe and effective contraception methods that can often be started the day they are prescribed. They are easy to start and require no appointment to stop, and can be taken short term or long term.  

Accessing short acting contraception in Health Services: Schedule an appointment with a provider to review options. Your chosen method will be prescribed and you’ll receive information on how to begin the method. HealthiestYou can refill birth control pills, patches, and vaginal contraceptive rings. 

Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC): Safe and effective contraceptive methods that are inserted by appointment. They are effective for between three and ten years but can be removed by appointment at any time.

Accessing LARC in Health Services: Schedule an appointment with a provider to review options. Your chosen method will be prescribed and you will bring it to a follow up appointment for insertion. HealthiestYou does not prescribe LARC methods.

Non-prescription Contraception: BWell Health Promotion provides contraceptive options for safer sex, including external and internal condoms and dental dams, that can be used to prevent STI transmission and unwanted pregnancy. Available in the Health & Wellness Center open spaces for free. BWell Health Promotion provides several ways to access safer sex supplies for free including delivery on campus, BWell on the Go stations throughout the University, and providing Residence Hall laundry rooms and Res Life staff working in the halls with supplies. Safer sex supplies can also be purchased in retail stores and online.

Sexual Health Education: BWell provides information on and resources related to abortion, adoption, and pregnancy. BWell houses the Sexual Health Awareness Group (SHAG), a peer education program comprised of Brown students who are trained to deliver sexual health  workshops, discussion groups and a confidential texting Q&A service, and other outreach projects. Contact BWell by emailing

Coverage for Reproductive Services in Health Services:

  • Office visits are covered by the Health and Wellness Fee. There are no copays for office visits including physical exams and “in-house” testing (i.e. urine pregnancy tests). 
  • Student Health Insurance (SHIP) covers nearly all short and long acting contraceptive methods with a $0 out of pocket cost to students. 
  • Students who have waived SHIP should call their insurance to inquire about pharmacy benefit coverage for LARC. Health Services staff can assist with this process. 

Coverage for Reproductive Services in the Community:

  • SHIP covers termination services, prenatal care, and other reproductive services.
  • Students who have waived SHIP are also encouraged to inquire about any explanation of benefits that may be sent to the guarantor of the insurance.

Additional Resources: Brown University’s Student Health Insurance Program (SHIP)